Active Zone

Where are we?

We are located at Active Zone,
47 Beach Road,
#03-03 Kheng Chiu Building,
Singapore 189683

Or contact us at:
Phone: +65-97615523

17th Floor Group Exercise Zone
Your Active Studiois the space where you can work out with your friends. It is equipped with:

Large column free group exercise area for:

  • •   Award-winning Active Kickboxing Fitness-based programmes (Yes, we use Punching Bags!)
    •   FUN-CTIONAL Training
    •   Zumba Fitness
    •   Dance Fitness
    •   Pilates
    •   Latest trends in fitness, such as:
       o   Stroops – Leading programme for Functional and Performance Training System in USA.
       o   Crosscore – Rotational bodyweight Training System
    •   Group exercise area will have:
       o   Wall-mounted chin-up bars
       o   Ever popular and highly demanded heavy punching bags (6 footers – good for low
       o   roundhouse kicks)
       o   Full-length mirror to check and improve your exercise techniques
       o   2 female only changing rooms
       o   1 universal changing room – males and females.

16th Floor Cardio / Strength Zone

Active Gym is an intimate, cosy space specially designed for both individual as well as small group personal training sessions.

Your Active Gym is equipped with:

  • •   Private female-friendly cardio and strength training area. (Of course men are welcomed!)
    •    o   Private rooms for:
      •       •   Nutritional Consultation
      •       •   Mental Well-being
      •       •   Sports Treatment